AsBuilt Plans & Services

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As-Built Floor Plans

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Building detail plans and area revision proposals can be added into your existing As-Built drawing. Proposed layouts and their calculated areas shown with alternatives for comparison.

Area Calculations & Square Footage Certification

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Area Certifications are produced in strict accordance with the BOMA floor measurement standard of your choice, or in accordance with existing lease agreements. Summary charts can be provided with the certified PDF drawing of your building.

Field measurements for proposed relocation of demise walls and alternative area calculations are all part of the services we provide.

Marketing Plans

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Lease Plans are a useful marketing tool for Property Managers and essential for a new tenant’s space management or renovation purposes. A Lease Plan can be drawn in a number of formats reflecting the positive elements within the space and your building. Key plan insertions, rentable areas, building photos and company logos are all available in presentations.

Reflective Ceiling Plan

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This type of drawing is commonly requested for renovation design purposes, typically showing the location and type of HVAC, lights, ceiling fans, sprinkler systems, relief and finish detail.

Electrical Detail

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The addition of electrical detail into an as-built floor plan is often a necessity for new tenants with specific needs. We can include electrical wall switches, plug ins, transformers, switch boxes, thermostats, alarm set box, telephone and cable outlets etc.

Roof Detail Plans

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Typically requested for renovation design of free standing buildings where replacement of existing air conditioning and custom venting is planned. As an example this could be building conversions to a laboratory or restaurant use, requiring upgrades and new installation locations.

Plumbing Detail

The plumbing detail included in all of our as-built floor plans would be the locations of toilets, sinks, showers, tubs and fountains. This may also include drains and laundry tap locations. Exceptions to this standard would be restaurants with multiple detachable sink locations considered part of the tenant’s restaurant equipment.

Fire & Safety Plans

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Safety is the number one concern in today’s working world. Properly equipping your building for Tenants, Building Operations, EMS and Fire Response groups is a job not to be underestimated. We are here to help by providing Emergency Action, Safety Station & Evacuation, Sprinkler Room & Fire Alarm Reset- Location and any other variations of Safety Response plans you may require.

Building Exterior/Interior Elevation Plan

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We can provide you with a measured elevation plan for use in the design of building frontage upgrades.

Interior elevation detail can often be included as a text addition within the plan view drawing, or illustrated in a number of different formats, depending on building design, degree of detail required and client preference.